How do I get register for the 2024 event?
Register here, or if you're not ready to register, sign up here for email announcements.

Is It Live or Online?

Quant UX Con 2024 will occur online via video on the RingCentral Events platform (formerly known as Hopin). It will also be live at community watch parties in various cities around the world, thanks to our watch party hosts! (The 2024 locations have not been announced, but you could see here for 2023 watch party details.)

Wait! There are sessions at all hours, and I'll miss some!
No problem. We record all sessions and make them available the same day. Every registration ticket includes access to the recorded sessions for 12 months.

What is a "Follow-the-sun" Schedule?
There will be 4 separate blocks of time. Each block of time is successive -- not overlapping the previous one -- and occurs at a time convenient for a particular global region. When you view the event, sessions will appear in the time zone for your location. Anyone may attend any session in any time block, anywhere; or watch recordings later.

How Much Does It Cost?

Quant UX Con tickets go on sale in March 2024 for an early bird amount of $75 USD (after May 5, the price is $125 USD). Any ticket is good for all events and times, and will allow you to view the post-conference recordings for 12 months. Can’t pay? Student and scholarship tickets are available for free to anyone as needed.

How do you set ticket prices?

The price reflects our total costs, including the streaming platform, number of sessions, attendees, recording storage, and administrative costs. Quant UX Con is committed to being affordable and free scholarship tickets are available for anyone who needs one. The Quant UX Association is a nonprofit educational organization, US 501(c)(3). We operate Quant UX Con and other events as a nonprofit to support our educational mission for the UX community.

If I attend a Watch Party, Do I Need to Register for RingCentral?

You need to sign up with the watch party organizers, so they know you will attend. See here for watch party details. Additionally, we recommend registering for the event on RingCentral Events. Although it is not required to register to attend a watch party, registration has many other benefits. You will be able to watch sessions before, during, and after the watch party, and view recordings of sessions for 12 months after the conference. Also, you'll be on our list for information about the conference this year and in the future.

I bought a ticket, but now I can't log in. What do I do?
Search your email for the subject line: "Thank you for registering to Quant UX Con 2024 Worldwide". That email has your personal, unique link to your ticket. If that fails, join us at the event site on June 12 and claim a scholarship (free) ticket if needed. There is no need to pay again. Still not working? Try the same steps using a different browser.

I need a receipt with VAT or some other specific information.
Search your email for a message titled, "Your Quantitative User Experience Association receipt", save it to PDF and then annotate it with the additional information you need. Find additional details on annotating receipts here

I have a ticket, now what?
Go to the event on RingCentral Events on or before June 12, review the schedule times in your local time zone, and join the conference when it is time!

How do I access recorded sessions?
Recorded sessions will be available to everyone who registers for Quant UX Con. Recordings are made available a few hours after each live presentation, and will be available for 12 months. To view them after the conference (or after it begins), visit the event on RingCentral to access recordings until June 10, 2025. For more information, see the detailed guide  here: https://events-support.ringcentral.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408209706900-Attendees-How-to-access-post-event-Replay

I missed it live, but can I register and watch the recordings after the event?
Post-conference recordings are not  available for Quant UX Con 2023 (they were available for 3 months but have now expired). For Quant UX Con 2024, we will make recordings available for 12 months. Register anytime; there is no difference in access or price for registration before or after the conference at the event site on RingCentral.

I attended Quant UX Con, and can I get a certificate of attendance?
We do not issue individual certificates, but we have a template you may use. Go to this document on Google Drive and select "File | Make a Copy". Then fill in your name in your copy and use the new document.


How Do I Propose a Talk or other Session?

Proposals closed on January 26, 2024. Please attend in June, and consider proposing a session next time at Quant UX Con 2025!

Can Our Organization Sponsor It?

Please check out the the 2024 sponsorship packages here and consider what level you would prefer. Then contact the organizing committee for further information anytime at sponsor@quantuxa.org. Quant UX Con is organized by the Quant UX Association, a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit association. Sponsorships are tax deductible in the US to advance the association’s goal of education. For individuals, supporting / sponsorship tickets are available with registration.